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About Special Metals Welding Products Company

Special Metals Welding Products Company has the most complete range of high nickel alloy welding consumables available on the market including those for the joining dissimilar metals and the welding and repair of cast iron. Special Metals is acknowledged as the world's leading developer and manufacturer of wrought nickel alloys and nickel welding consumables. The leading position of this worldwide business is demonstrated in the ownership of almost all of the industry-recognized trademarks such as: INCONEL®, INCOLOY®, NIMONIC®, NILO®, MONEL® and INCO-WELD®. Special Metals is a supplier to many critical industries where our experience of both process and product application and ability to truly support the customer is widely acknowledged.

The Newton facility produces a full line of Nickel welding products including the flux-coated electrodes, filler metals for MIG and TIG, flux cored wires and fluxes for submerged arc. In addition to the standard range of Nickel welding consumables, we offer a range of stainless steel filler wires. Stocks are maintained in worldwide locations such as North Carolina, Texas, California, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Special Metals Welding Products, is the world's leading supplier of nickel-base welding consumables for joining high-nickel alloys and high-performance steels; joining or repair-welding cast irons; welding dissimilar metals, and overlaying on steel. The facility at Newton, North Carolina, manufactures a range of nickel-base filler wires and weldstrip, flux-coated electrodes, flux-cored wires, and fluxes. Warehouse stocks are maintained in North Carolina, Texas, California, Canada, Europe and Asia.

The branch of the company located at Bidford-upon-Avon, UK, also offers a range of consumables for joining stainless steels, aluminum and aluminum alloys, and copper and copper alloys, available as straight lengths, coils and precision layer-wound spools.

Newton North Carolina facility
Research and Development

The testing and research laboratories at Newton, NC, work in concert with the Special Metals technology laboratories in Huntington to develop new welding consumables to meet customers' needs. The testing program at Newton also includes certification to AWS Schedule H standards, with actual chemistry CMTR routinely supplied for all products.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an integral part of every production operation. The quality management systems at Newton and Stratford-upon-Avon are accredited to ISO 9001:2000. Other institution and customer company approvals include:


VdTÜV, Germany
ISO9001:2008 - USA

North and South America
1401 Burris Road
Newton, North Carolina 28658 United States
Phone: (828) 465-0352 or1-800-624-3411
Fax: (828) 464-8993
Europe, Africa, India, and the Middle East
Holmer Road,
Hereford, Herefordshire HR4 9SL England
Phone: +44 (0) 1432 382337
Asia Pacific

Room 2805,FeiDiao International Plaza,
No.1065A, ZhaoJiaBang Road
Shanghai 200030 P.R. China
Phone +86-21-62882398-0
Fax: 0086-21-33687525

Controlled Products Group
590 Seaman Street, Stoney Creek
Ontario L8E 4H1, Canada
Phone: (905) 643-6555
Fax: (905) 643-6614

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